We Practice Extra measures to sanitize rooms and bathrooms for your safe stay.
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Welcome To Sundowner Inn

Enjoy a hotel experience like no other with Sundowner Inn - amidst idyllic surroundings and top-notch services. Seeped in luxury and resorted to customer satisfaction, we are sure to provide you a comfortable stay.

Located in the center of Forsyth, you are in for a treat with the picturesque Yellowstone River being within walking distance of the resort. To add to your pleasure, there is the Rosebud County Courthouse, East Rosebud Park, Historical Museum, Forsyth’s Indoor Olympic Heated Pool, and City Park a few blocks away. You are free to join us for a game or two of golf, for waterfowl photography or hunting, among many other activities. Our friendly staff will ensure that all your needs are met while our homely accommodations will cater to unparalleled comfort.

Treat the ones you love to a perfect holiday and let us take care of everything else.

Contact us now for stylish living spaces for business or leisure.

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